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We are a company established by producers with the sole purpose of exporting high quality fresh fruit to our clients, following the highest industry standards.


We produce and commercialize blueberries from the North region of the República Oriental del Uruguay. We have more than 40 hectares in production with our own water reserve, automated ferti-irrigation equipment, total frost protection and facilities with the latest generation technology that aim, not only to the quality of the product, but also to a better use of natural resources and, for that reason, to the protection of the environment.

The market requirements and our own encourage us to seek and test not only for new equipment but also for better blueberry varieties. Nowadays we have Emerald, SnowChaser, Star, O’Neal, Misty, Millennia and Bluecrisp and we keep looking for the best ones able to adapt to both our weather and our geographic characteristics. Thanks to a mild microclimate and to excellent soil characteristics for production, we provide the highest quality fruit from September to December in counter season to the Northern Hemisphere.

All farmers are certificated under Global Gap ensuring both the quality and commitment that we work with. Our traceability system allows the clients to know the “path” the fruit takes from its very first moment in the plant to their table.

Provided the clients ask for it, we can associate to local producers that share our philosophy to offer a major product volume with the very same quality.

All of this can be achieved thanks to Human Resources highly qualified, motivated and committed.

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Nowadays Azul Sereno stands out for exporting 100% of its production in bulk. This standard has been taking impulse in the last few years and promotes the best efficiency, a minor carbon print and a better quality to the final customer.

This is achieved as follows: Bulk allows the fruit to be harvested directly from the plant to the basket, which its size can vary between 3 and 4 kg and, if necessary, send it to a sorting line and finally to the export box. Throughout this mechanism it is possible to reduce the quantity of “drops” so that the fruit arrives in a better condition to its destination.

The bulk container makes more efficient the entire logistic since the fruit’s net weight is proportionally higher than most packed fruit options. The fruit quality to the final consumer is assured because our client packs the fruit in their facilities where is possible to select not only the best fruit but also the best container to fulfill each buyer’s demand.

Apart from packing in bulk, Azul Sereno is qualified to export in conventional containers (125gm, 225gm, etc). For this type of packing, blueberries are sorted out accordingly to the quality and size of the product and are packed by weight in the agreed container.

All the packaging fulfills the highest international demands and is recyclable in order to preserve the environment.


We have cooling equipment in the fields that allow us to lower the temperature of the fruit. We acquire of the latest industrial machinery to sort out (BBC Soft sorter) and fill up to avoid blows and damage to the product, we also have rigorous quality and hygiene controls throughout the whole supply chain. The packing is made in plants with high biosecurity and quality standards. We use preventive methods that aim to guarantee the safety of the food.

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